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Weekend Reading: Why The School Bus Is Always Yellow

Here are some of the best things I found over the weekend -- commentary, news, long features, etc.  Take a look, enjoy, let me know what I missed:

NRA Is Grading Schools - The Atlantic Wire ow.ly/hYXju

Update on former LAUSD board member Caprice Young, now a VP at Texas' Arnold Foundation ow.ly/hYWj1

Firing Bad Teachers Has Surprisingly Meager Effects, says @KevinDrum ow.ly/i0jfl Commenters beg to disagree

Iowa SDE and USDA won't let Iowa city use free reduced lunch data for school integration plan, says @RickKahlenberg ow.ly/i0n4k

Bullying's "bystander problem" -- few take responsibility in large group situations ow.ly/i0mQd

A resurgence for arts education -- or a problem with neighborhood-based schools? @mattyglesias ow.ly/i0lbf

Founder of Wishbone writes about the power of finding kids' inspiration - @TakePart Beth Schmidt ow.ly/i0b39

How charters have forced many Chicago schools to close ow.ly/hZYCU [Despite being just 10 percent of enrollment?] @KenzoShibata

What Data Can't Do - The Browser ow.ly/hZlh8

Revamped GED Faces First Big Challenge - WSJ.comow.ly/hZfpS @lisafleisher

Why the School Bus Never Comes in Red or Green -NYTimes.com ow.ly/hYV2k


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