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Weekend Reading: Waiting For The (Meaningless) State Of The Union

Recent links to magazines, long-form sites, and other corners of the Internet I don't check every day:

image from farm4.staticflickr.comPictures: Michelle Obama [and Arne Duncan] Mourn Shot Chicago Teenager Hadiya Pendleton ow.ly/hzRh9

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart? - NYTimes ow.ly/hzyjQ  

Two DCPS teachers standing in protest outside Michelle Rhee's book talkyfrog.com/odvszcvnj  @emmersbrown 

Democratic Think Tank Showdown: CAP's UPK proposal vs. NAF's universal Kindergartenow.ly/hAWpE

Dana Goldstein, Anya Kamenetz, Alyson Klein, and Andrew Rotherham, discuss Issues to Watch in 2013 @bloomburgEDU ow.ly/hzy6a

"This is the tragedy of big data: The more variables, the more correlations that can show significance." from Wired ow.ly/hzxt5

Tucson School District Struggles for Equality NYT ow.ly/hAWiN

From Jay Mathews: Sad failure of two inspectors general in D.C. schools: In the 42 years I have worked for this ... bit.ly/12hVQC0

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