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Weekend Reading: Happy Presidents Day!

Here are the best items from magazine sites, long-form blogs, and weekend news items that you may have missed over the weekend:

Chicago Teenager Shot and Killed Hours After Her Sister Sat Behind Obama at Speech About Gun Control ow.ly/hNDjz

Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College | The Awl ow.ly/hMBVf

Head start evaluations: As pre-K it's bad but as child care it's good. ow.ly/hMDyC

His "UPK" plan might not fly but these pics of him at an ATL kindergarten with the magnifying glass are hard to resist ow.ly/hN7L1

My h.s. science teacher retired after 32 years. His departure q&a is amazingly evocative: bit.ly/XQ3DYv @Atul_Gawande

Some schools use military-style "After Action Response" debriefings in the wake of violent incidentsow.ly/hMa2J

Book: Solutions elusive for New Orleans schools USA Today @gtoppo ow.ly/hNc3h

New life for Hollywood flop as education reformers push #parenttrigger in state capitals apne.ws/Vp0TAK#WontBackDown via @azagier

PLNs Are Returning Classrooms to Teachersow.ly/hNkIX Will Richardson, Lynne Schrum, Jason Flom

From Jay Mathews: More high school may be bad for this student: Is Laura Linder’s son Chris being pushed out of ... bit.ly/UwaEOt

Nothing New Under the Wingnut Sun: 'Textbook Wars' | The Nation ow.ly/hMYIr via @gtoppo

Suit against ex-LAUSD boss Ramon Cortines tossed shout.lt/glWg @ladailynews

A Hazmat crew was summoned to Seminole High School in Florida after a science student brought in a mercury thermometer. ow.ly/hMDic

Just three years into blogging, that slacker Rick Hess is taking a sabbatical ow.ly/hLwwp

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