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Quotes: "Unproductive Extremes.... As Hostile To Reform As Ever"

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comAt times, the reform movement is given to its own unproductive extremes... Meanwhile, the close allies of United Teachers Los Angeles are as hostile to reform as ever. -- LA Times editorial page (Friday)



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Love this endorsement of a pro-"reform" school board member in that Los Angeles Times editorial. This is one of the candidates to whom New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $1 million to so-called "reform" candidates. Here's the Times' endorsement of Garcia's re-election: "We consider Garcia a poor choice for the school board, and we always have. ... [She is] a divisive and sometimes careless force on the board who lacks grace and thoughtfulness as its leader. Her positions seem less considered than reactive. Her concerns over whether schools are improving have not extended to underperforming charter schools, and her response when challenged on this is simply unacceptable. ... [She has] a dismissiveness and lack of basic understanding that is truly disturbing." As my mother likes to say, aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show? http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/endorsements/la-ed-end-lausd-school-board-20130215,0,22933.story

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