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Quotes: "Not Every [Closing] Will Be A Civil Rights Violation"

Quotes2We know closings can destabilize [communities]. But it doesn’t mean every one will be a civil rights violation.

-- USDE's Civil Rights guy Seth Galanter


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Stating the obvious is not a very effective defense. It's evident that a PATTERN of closings of schools that serve primarily low-income African-American and Latino communities is what critics view as a civil rights violation. No such pattern exists in non-low-income communities.

Caroline, here is the lie they shouldn't get away with:
"The department, whose influence on closings roughly equals its sway on Iran’s nuclear program and the next solar eclipse, is investigating allegations based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act."

Boston parents were there, and the closures in their neighborhoods were authorized by the MA Education Reform Act of January, 2010, which was written and rammed through in response to the demands of Duncan's Race to the Top.

The US DOE's own regulatory stipulations, which demanded specific changes in state laws, were the civil rights violation.

It's one of many lies they shouldn't get away with.

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