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Quotes: No Parent (Or Board) Opposition To Trigger In LA

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comI had no knowledge of ‘opposition’ in the world of parents. None.

-- Superintendent John Deasy on LAUSD's unanimous approval of a trigger petition. via @hechingerreport


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But if LAUSD was cheerfully willing to do what the parents wanted -- and, a HUGE issue, if the parents were not being fooled or duped as was the case in Compton and Adelanto, and if there was not a large number of parents opposed to the supposed "transformation" but actual consensus -- why didn't LAUSD just go ahead and do what the parents wanted without making them bother with the petition?

Word is that what the parents had long wanted was to have the principal replaced but that the principal was friends with a school board member. Any truth to that?

When it comes to "Dr." Deasy, the truth isn't always a part of his vocabulary.

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