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NCLB: 34 State Waivers -- Plus District Consortia, Too?

image from www.edsource.org
EdSource is reporting that a ten-district consortia of California school districts that educate more than 20 percent of the state's students is pressing ahead with its NCLB waiver application, despite concerns from the state and Secretary Duncan about creating different rules for different districts.  Hey, there was a district version of Race to the Top, so why not a district version of NCLB waivers? 


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more and more kids get left behind because they change schools or are not properly displaced to there learning capability . The NCLB law only protects the teachers and Parents .. We need to look at how and the structure of those that fall behind and just quite or the Teachers pass them no matter what because they dont want to hear it from the parents. my daughter had 2 hip surgerys before she was 14 then life threatening Cancer missed over 300 days of School in 3 years 1 year she was only there 50 days and she passed high honors and finished school on time "graduated " Well this set her back from going to collage no one would except her . END the NCLB Please for the love of all those that need help ..tuff love is long respected Ps I never had an education . So please love our Kids

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