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Morning Video: First Lady Vs. "Serious" Education Policy


Serious education policy types and DPC staffers might hate to consider it, but First Lady Michelle Obama's child obesity prevention efforts might end up having more beneficial impact on kids' lives than Race to the Top, NCLB waivers, and the Common Core. Here she is doing a bit with Jimmy Fallon last week.  


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In what light was this video supposed to be shown?

Was it presented to cast aspersions or shade upon the first lady?

What does the first lady dancing with Jimmy Fallon, a comedian, talk show host, and entertainer, have to do with education?

The impression that I get is that you've "caught" the first lady in some kinda so-called undignified moment stereotypically "dancing", and therefore, somehow she's supposed to appear somewhat unworthy.

However, actually, she's quite a great dancer, she's looks stunningly beautiful, and she can quite obviously take direction readily from a choreographer. The first lady, not unlike her husband is quite an astute person with a vivaciously game personality.

So Kudos to her for being game for the challenge and sharing fun times with the American audience.

I'm having very profound trouble rationalizing the actual purpose of this video in connection with anything remotely associated with education, unless we're discussing dance.

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