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Morning Video: Celebrity Endorsement & $250K From Rhee

Yep, that's Hollywood actress and longtime Obama supporter Eva Longoria stumping for LAUSD school board challenger Kate Anderson -- something the actress is said in the report to have decided to do with the encouragement of EdSec Arne Duncan.  (No word on whether Duncan told Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst to contribute $250,000 to the reform slate of candidates.)


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Thank you for this. I've often disagreed with your views on K-12 public education, but publishing this demonstrates both courage and journalistic integrity.

It's not overlooked or taken for granted and as a parent, with no agenda but my kid and his classmates everywhere, I sincerely appreciate this coverage

But beyond my own personal feelings, WHY is the US Secretary of State actively and directly intervening in a local school board race, and secretly persuading wealthy people to toss money at particular candidates?

And why isn't ALL the media buzzing about this egregious, and possibly criminal behavior at the very highest level of government?


How does Michelle Rhee---who claims to be an educator from an average middle class, middle income family---have the ability to "donate" (invest?) a quarter million dollars in a school board race?

Do you know---or does ANYONE know---how much money Michelle Rhee has made in the last two years, and where did it come from?

Why won't anyone Follow The Money when it comes to Teflon Rhee?

Will YOU, Alexander?

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