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Media: This ELL Teacher Has Way More Klout Than You

image from a0.twimg.comPerhaps the most influential but unheard of education blogger out there is California high school teacher Larry Ferlazzo, who teaches and blogs and Tweets up a storm most days of the week, making everyone else look pretty lazy and slow.

He's got a blog at EdWeek (Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo).  He's been in the New York Times (here) and the Washington Post (here). He lets his students grade him.  He's a former community organizer.  Oh yeah, he writes books, too.  But that's not all.   He teaches at a 75 percent free and reduced lunch, 44 percent ELL high school.  

Other than perhaps Atlantic Wire, which is staffed by a thousand recent Ivy League graduates, Ferlazzo might be the site/Twitter feed I use most often. (One of his regular features I love the most is called something like "Things I Should Have Blogged About But Didn't.") I'm not the only one. At last check, @larryferlazzo he had 23+K followers, a Klout score of 72. 


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Beyond understanding the complex scenario of education and having a strong background on learn development, Mr. Ferlazzo is also watching the most innovative methods to persuade kids to study. Recently, on his twitter account, he shared a new tool for science instigation, called Zoompy (www.zoompy.net). I've tried it with my students and they love it. We can not rely only on the educational system. When you can show a student the importance of learning certain concepts, it will be able to minimize limitations of his teaching environment by himself.

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