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AM News: Obama's Ally Attacks Him on Waivers During NCLB Hearing

No Child Left Behind Hearing Features Waiver Attack By Obama Ally HuffPostEdu: Kati Haycock, president of the Education Trust -- an influential lobbying and advocacy group that has long backed President Barack Obama -- is coming out against the direction of the waivers, saying some allow states to shortchange underprivileged students, according to the text of remarks she was to make at a congressional hearing on Thursday.


Boston Leader Connects Parents to Learning EdWeek: Brooks is credited with strategically aligning Boston's parent-engagement efforts with the district's academic goals, which moved the work of her office from a peripheral activity to one that is central to the needs of the district's 57,000 students and their families.

NYC Schools beef up security after Sandy Hook Riverdale: The Department of Education already required public schools under its purview to practice “soft” lockdowns, in which security personnel and administrators man a command post because no imminent danger has been detected; “hard” lockdowns, in which every member of the school community avoids an intruder; “shelter-ins,” in which staff lock entrances and exits to keep students from imaginary dangers, and evacuations.

A Hospital Offers a Grisly Lesson on Gun Violence NYT: In a darkened Phildelphia classroom, 15 eighth graders gasped as a photograph appeared on the screen in front of them. It showed a dead man whose jaw had been destroyed by a shotgun blast, leaving the lower half of his face a shapeless, bloody mess.

African Americans Fly High With Math And Science NPR: This Black History Month, Tell Me More is taking a look at African Americans in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) who are inspiring future generations. Today, Barrington Irving shares how his sky high dreams became a reality. A chance encounter in his parents' bookstore put him on a path that would make him the youngest person and first African American to fly solo around the world.


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