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AM News: Obama Calls For Congress to Halt Automatic Cuts to Education Spending

Obama to Congress: Halt Automatic Cuts to Federal Education Spending PoliticsK12: President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to temporarily delay a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts set to hit federal K-12 education spending—as well as defense, criminal justice, and a whole host of other programs—on March 1. Obama is putting forward a package of tax changes and spending cuts intended to buy some time so that lawmakers can come up with a broader agreement on spending.


With Texas School Finance System Unconstitutional, A Fix May Bring Big Price Tag AP: "We would have to modernize our tax system," said Scott McCown, executive director of the progressive think tank the Center for Public Policy Priorities. He said finding even the additional revenue Dietz suggested would mean applying the state sales tax to services and collecting more business taxes. Indeed, $10 billion is more than the state has recently collected annually from its entire business tax.

D.C. Council bill would make cheating on standardized tests illegal WashingtonPost: Cheating on standardized tests in the District would be illegal under a bill introduced in the D.C. Council, and a teacher or principal found guilty of violating the law would lose his professional license and face a fine of thousands of dollars.

Cincinnati school model catches on in New York Enquirer: Community Learning Centers aren’t unique to Cincinnati. More than 5,000 exist nationwide. But Cincinnati’s model, devised in 2001 and improved in the years since, has garnered the attention of visitors as far away as Hawaii and Australia. Its most recent claim to fame came in September when the nearly 1 million-student New York City school district announced it would pilot its own Community Learning Centers based primarily on what it saw in Cincinnati.

Competitions Connect Tech. Startups With K-12 Educators EdWeek: Now, some state and local education agencies are bringing an age-old concept—competitions—to unfamiliar environments and audiences in an effort to close what they see as a disconnect between ed-tech developers and schools. The goal is to encourage technology entrepreneurs and companies to think more closely about how they can craft products to meet the specific demands of schools.

Connecticut State Board Of Education May Slow Roll-Out Of New Evaluation System Courant: The state Board of Education is expected to consider a recommendation Wednesday to allow school districts to more slowly phase in a new teacher evaluation system for staff this coming fall. "This approach enables districts to implement the evaluation system in a flexible way, one that will increase confidence at the local level and decrease anxiety," about the new system, Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor said. "The idea will be to ramp up implementation for all certified staff in every school the following year.


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