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Afternoon Video: "High Quality Charter Schools Are Great"

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First off:  Who let pro-charter, pro-voucher Derrell Bradford on MSNBC's Up With Chris?  Plus: Amusing comment from host Chris at the 3:15 mark ("I feel like the deal with charter schools is, 'Yeah, high-quality charter schools are great.' You know what I mean?  Yeah, awesome!  When they're high quality!") Via DFER

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No surprise.This WOULD come from "Democrats" For Education Privatization.

"High Quality Charter Schools Are Great". LOL.

Most of us who took "Introduction To Philosophy" recognize the above as a textbook example of a "tautology." In this instance, the tautology is being used to rationalize and enable very risky behaviors---ones that are also increasingly harmful over the long-term.

As in:
"High Quality Porterhouse Steaks Are Great".

"High Quality Cigars Are Great".

"High Quality Scotches Are Great".

"High Quality Casinos Are Great".

"High Quality Call Girls Are Great".

So..."High Quality Charter Schools Are Great" (Really?)

And finally: "(FILL IN THE BLANK Are/IS Great". (See, it's easy!)

"Democrats" For Education Privatization are truly, absolutely, desperate for anything---anything---that they can cut, splice, overdub or take out of context which might---even for a nanosecond---hoodwink a small percentage of confused, busy voters into buying their specious, hedge-fund backed propaganda.

Any takers here?

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