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People: Meet MSU Political Scientist Sarah Reckhow

I met MSU political scientist Sarah Reckhow  a couple of years ago at a Columbia Journalism School event on philanthropy and education reform (The Myth Of The All-Powerful Billionaires). You might have noticed some interesting posts from her earlier this fall while Rick Hess was off peeping at leaves or something.  Or maybe you remember her from her 2008 eduwonkette blog post.  

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Last week, Reckhow wrote the first of what I hope will be several thought-provoking posts here, comparing the risks and effectiveness of the big three reform funders (Savvy Walton Foundation

Reckhow describes herself as a skeptic on the issue of philanthropy, but not in a knee-jerk way.  It's not anyone's intentions or right to get involved she questions, it's whether they're pushing ideas that aren't really as proven as it might seem, sprinting instead of jogging, focusing on obscure or unusual situations, and cookie-cutter advocacy.   We don't always see eye to eye-- about Walton, for example, or the way things work in LA -- but that's OK with me.  We're interested in similar dynamics and organizations.  New and interesting voices in education blogging aren't easy to find, given all the predictable self-promotion, intellectual dishonesty, and rigid thinking that passes for commentary out there.   Oh, and she's got a book coming out, called Follow The Money.  


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