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People: StudentsFirst Comms Guru Has Left The Building

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Former DNC spokesman and District of Columbia man about town Hari Sevugan has parted ways with StudentsFirst -- at his own behest, I'm being told but have not been able to confirm on the record one way or the other.  

Sevugan was brought on board to help beef up Rhee's communications operation and to bolster its Democratic bona fides.  The DREAM Act endorsement and the antibullying thing were likely Sevugan pushes. Maybe even the neutral earth tones Rhee sometimes used instead of all black outfits.  Needless to say, Sevugan was loathed by his counterparts at the AFT and NEA for attempting to humanize Rhee.  

Anyway, Sevugan isn't the first senior level person to leave StudentsFirst in recent months -- and the departures aren't necessarily a bad thing -- but I'll leave that to another day or to someone else who's more energetic than I am.  It's job-changing time in Washington and elsewhere around the country. Cue the Mariachi music.

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