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People: The Funder Becomes The Fundee

image from www.newschools.orgLongtime NSVFer Jordan Meranus -- who's name and portfolio I mangled more than a few times over the years (and whose vague resemblance to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel I only just noticed this very moment) -- left the NSnest a year ago to help build something called Ellevation and -- wouldn't you know? -- Ellevate has just been announced as one of NSVF's latest investments.  

What's Ellevation, you want to know?   "Ellevation provides a set of tools for teachers and administrators who work with English language learners (ELLs). It saves time and simplifies compliance requirements, so that educators can focus on their most important task—helping ELL students to succeed."

Congrats, etc. That sounds pretty exciting.  I once was on the verge of taking a foundation job when EdTrust's Kati Haycock told me that it was much more fun to get money than to give it out (Thanks, KHay!). I bet it's fun to go from giving it out to gettting it, too -- especially when you're getting it from the outfit you used to work for.    Image via NSVF


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Honest question - while the project sounds awesome, is there any issue that NSVF gave a major grant to a former employee only a year after he left?

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