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AM News: What Next For Newtown (& School Safety)?

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Group: Biden offers to speak with Newtown families AP: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who is leading an administration review of gun safety laws, has offered to talk with any families of the Connecticut elementary school shooting victims who would like to speak with personally, a support group said Saturday.

Newtown Debates the Fate of Sandy Hook Elementary NYT: Residents in Newtown, Conn., attended the first of what might be several meetings to decide the future of the school building where 20 first graders and six staff members were killed.

Vote Set to Name Conn. School for Slain Teacher MSNBC: Town council in Stratford, Conn., to vote on naming new school after teacher slain in Newtown

To lock classroom doors or not? LA Times: Behind a locked classroom door, a Los Angeles third-grade teacher purportedly committed lewd acts against students. The charges spurred demands for classrooms to remain open during the school day.

A System Divided: In One School, Students Are Divided by Gifted Label — and Race NYT: At P.S. 163 on the Upper West Side, the accelerated program is mostly white and middle class, unlike the rest of the school.

Will longer school year help or hurt US students? AP: Proponents say studies show students lose critical knowledge during the summer months away from school. 


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While the (Chicago) trend towards lengthening the school day, especially through earlier start times, may actually hurt attainment by making school more aversive for many teenagers, and we should be prioritizing attainment (number of school years successfully completed) over achievement (test scores), lengthening the school year is a more promising option. Based on international best practice, we support a 200-day (40 five-day school weeks) school year for teachers at One World Secondary, with summer vacation limited to six weeks, as it is in Germany, for example. But the expansion (not mere reshuffling) of school time should start with the poor, who are hurt most by summer vacation; and before that, we should be working on improving our use of the current time available.

The development of university time should begin with the inadequate, who are harm most by summer time vacation and before that, we should be operating on enhancing our use of the moment available.

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