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Weekend Reading: It's Not Too Late

Here are some of the stories I tweeted out over the weekend, which you might want to catch up on or save for later -- plus illustrated instructions on how to Gangam Style:

GangamstylehowtoWill Competition Cure Head Start—or Kill It? | TIME.comow.ly/fKcGC 

The Autism Advantage - NYTimes.com ow.ly/fJVD2

Mike Stryer's New ideas from a new generation of teachers - The Washington Post ow.ly/fKTp0

The parent trigger isn't really new, and reformers really haven't embraced it, but... ow.ly/fKEYo @RaRapoport

Pittsb City Paper - Another "expose" exaggerating the funding and influence of reform campaign funding ow.ly/fKjzb 

What Happens Now That the War on [Schools] Has Failed? - The Feature ow.ly/fJVMQ 

The Dangers of a Data-Driven World - In These Times ow.ly/fJWeF How algorithms destroy @davidsirota

At Brooklyn Free School, A Movement Reborn With Liberty And No Testing For All ow.ly/fKhER

More Colleges Dropping SAT or ACT in Favor of Admissions Requirements That Suck Lessow.ly/1PU5R2 

New book from Thirtysomething/My So-Called Life writer centers on bullied prep school student ow.ly/fJWF6


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