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Weekend Reading: Great Stuff You Might Have Missed

The #thisweekined Twitter feed was dominated by the Sandy Hook shooting but there were a few notable stories from magazines, longform sites, and other outlets that you might find interesting:


Suckers for Superheroes ow.ly/g8dsf NYMag [A profile aboutt General Petreus & Lance Armstrong might as well be about Canada, Kahn, Klein, Ravitch]

The Liberal Case *Against* Right-to-Work Laws - Michael Kinsley ow.ly/g884m

How to Keep All of Huck Finn in the Classroom - Mark Berlein ow.ly/g87Zg

A Day at an Elementary School with a Cognitive Psychologist | Cedar's Digest ow.ly/g8drn

The Coming Education Policy Cliff of 2014 | Whiteboard Advisors @ddeschryver ow.ly/g887k

Why Nate Silver Can Save Math Education in America | MindShift ow.ly/g8d1i [Probably not but it's a fun headline]

Apps Alone Won’t Teach Your Kid To Read |NewAmerica.net ow.ly/g857c @NewAmerica


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