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Weekend Reading: Best Stories You Might Have Missed



Charter Schools, the Cliffhanger Issue of the 2012 Election - Emily Chertoff - The Atlantic ow.ly/fc3yN

After a year on the beat KPCC's Tami Abdollah is leaving for AP/law enforcement ow.ly/fbAuZ

D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson Expected To Release List Of Schools Targeted For Closureow.ly/fbsGD

From War Zone To The Classroom : NPR ow.ly/fbrvg

Blogger calls and asks schools to intervene when students sent out racist Tweets after Obama win  ow.ly/fbqQD

Guesses and Hopes for Early Education in Obama’s Second Term ow.ly/fbprx @NewAmerica

Finding good schools in average neighborhooods: In my 30 years writing about schools, one read... bit.ly/ZncAIm



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I applaud Jezebel for taking it upon themselves to call the school’s of the students who publicly tweeted their hatred toward President Obama’s re-election win. This is yet another example of the pervasive anti-black attitudes that continue to infect much of our society despite having an African-American president during what many assumed would be a post racial society. The teachers and administrators owe it to the offending students to issue swift disciplinary action as well as facilitate discussions around race. I pity high school students who are unable to co-exist peacefully in an America that is rapidly changing. High school should be a place where students begin to develop academically as well as socially to become productive and responsible citizens.

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