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Update: Colorado Districts Allow Teachers To Carry Firearms

image from media.philly.comFollowing up on the success of so-called "Gun Dorms" at the University of Colorado -- residential units where students could carry their (legal, licensed) weapons on campus -- Colorado Springs and Fort Collins school districts are now creating similar policies for school buildings and administrative offices where teachers, administrators, and even parents will be allowed to carry their weapons as well.

"We've followed the U of C process carefully and it seems to have worked out really well," said Fort Collins spokesperson David Grisholm.  

"Teachers want to be able to carry their licensed, legal firearms with them wherever they go," said Colorado Springs superintent Mark Reversol.  "This is just an attempt to comply with the spirit of the Concealed Carry law in an educational setting."

Somewhat ironically, the idea of letting teachers carry weapons on campus was proposed in 2007 by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert in a satirical commentary called No Guns Left Behind.

No word yet from the teachers union, or from parents.  


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I don’t believe that teachers should be able to carry firearms. Teachers are already beating on kids for no reason. So by them carrying a gun, won’t stop them from using it.

The idea that students can carry weapons on a campus is just irresponsible. Infamous shootings that are in the past should have been enough to derail this from happening. With the immature judgment of the students, it only makes sense to allow teachers and administrators to carry their legal firearm for protection.

Public school teachers should not be able to carry there licenced guns to school. Although I agree with the right to bear arms i dont feel like you should have them with at all places like a learning environment.

I personally do not agree with the districts allowing teachers to carry weapons. It just adds on to the violence in the community and it will only increase the rate of crime and the death rate. Now kids won't be able to feel safe at school and it may take a toll on their grades because fear will become their distraction.

WOW, please tell me this is a joke? Why in the world should this be allowed? For more accidents to happen? For injuries and deaths? Makes no sense!! Not everyone who carries a gun is responsible; not every teacher is responsible ! What is this world coming to??? SMH I would be terribly sad if I was a parent of one of these students....School should be SAFE!!!

Allowing teachers to carry guns is just asking for trouble. the same way students happen to steal test answers,money,etc from teachers, and snatch guns from officers they can get the gun from a teacher. i think its best if we just leave guns out of school period.

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