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School Life: Weak Antibullying Advice From The POTUS

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Here's President Obama's letter in response to a girl's complaint about being teased at school for having two dads.  Sure, it's nice.  But the advice he gives her is pretty weak, if you ask me. Let's hope he's not planning on using it to deal with House Republicans if he gets a second term.  


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I completely disagree with blogger Alexander Russo’s opinion that Obama’s advice to young Sophia, a girl with two dads, was “weak advice.” President Obama is the first president in history to publicly affirm his support for LGBT couples, their families, and their right to civil marriage. This fact alone gives an incredible boost to children of LGBT parents who may be bullied because of the makeup of their families. And the fact that Obama took the time to personally respond to Sophia’s letter will be a constant visual reminder that her family is just as good as the next and deserves the respect given to traditional families. If only more people practiced the golden rule the world would be a much warmer place to live.

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