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Reform: So How'd The Advocacy Groups Do?*

6a00e54f8c25c9883401156fbc0065970c-300wiStill nothing from StudentsFirst but the other non-union national ed advocacy groups -- 50CAN, STAND, DFER have all reported in with wins and (in some cases) losses.  

These lists generally don't include primary wins and losses, and in some cases -- STAND -- don't necessarily even include a complete account of losses last night. 

Interesting to see that nobody's mentioned Indiana (Tony Bennett), Bridgeport -- maybe I should have called the ConnCAN c4 as well as 50CAN national -- or Michigan.  Yet. 

*UPDATED 5:55pm:  Preliminary information from StudentsFirst added below, but still not a full list of winners and losers.

**UPDATE 2 6:34p: Some additional information from STAND about its overall wins/losses tally, but still not a full list.

***UPDATE 3 6:45p: SF releases spreadsheet of general election candidates it supported through direct contributions or IE, which according to staff is 87 wins out of 11, and adds 35 pro reform seats to state assemblies etc. 


3 of 6 referenda (GA charter, MI, Cleveland Levy won vs. Bridgeport, SD, and ID lost)

87 of 111 candidates (direct and IE) -- still waiting for lists of candidates

***UPDATE Here's the supposedly complete spreadsheet SF General Electoral 2012 Dir_IE


ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 07 15.10
Click here to see state and local races: DFER 2012 Wins-Losses


In Rhode Island three of our 4 endorsed candidates won their races, with the fourth making a strong showing in a tough 4 way race. There is a list below with our supported candidates bolded. 

  WIN House 4Speaker Gordon Fox (57.1%) vs. Mark Binder (42.4%)

LOSS House 46: Rep. Jeremiah O’Grady (38.4%) vs. Matthew Guerra (32.5%) vs. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith (25.7%) vs. Paul J. DiDomenico (3.2%)

WIN Senate 15Senator Donna Nesselbush (77.4%) vs. Robert Venturini (22.3%)

WIN Senate 35: Senator Dawson Hodgson (58.2%) vs. Winters Hames III (41.5%)  

In Minnesota, we engaged in one school board race, District 4 in Minneapolis. As of now the candidate we supported Josh Reimnitz is ahead by 573 votes with 80% of precincts counted. However reported ballot scanning issues, combined with a high number of paper ballots mean that there is an ongoing hand count in 3 precincts, so no winner has been declared yet. I will let you know as soon as there is resolution on that one.

 FROM STAND: [ see update following these are only wins]

School Board Races

Indianapolis – 1 endorsed candidate elected

Orleans Parish School Board (LA) -  4 endorsed candidates elected

Roosevelt School District’s Governing Board (AZ) – 2 endorsed candidates elected

 Ballot Measures  

Colorado – a bond & mill levy in Denver and a funding initiative in Aurora

Houston - bond package

Arizona - overrides in Alhambra and two in Murphy

Oregon - the bond measures in Portland and Bethel

Washington - charter initiative still too close to call

 State Races

Colorado – Six endorsed candidates won and one race is still too close to call. Angelika Schroeder, whom we endorsed for the State Board of Election, was elected.

Illinois – Twenty endorsed candidates won. One House race is still too close to call.

Indiana – Seven endorsed candidates won.

Massachusetts – All nine of our endorsed candidates won.

Oregon – Eight of 10 endorsed “education champions” for state legislature won and the two remaining races are still too close to call.

Washington – Eighteen endorsed candidates in state legislative races  won and one race is still too close to call. Governor’s race has not yet been called.


School Board Races (wins out of total endorsements)

9 of 11 total

4 of 5 in LA

2 of 3 in AZ

Ballot Measures (losses)

1 loss in TN on county sales tax

State Races (wins out of total endorsements)

Colorado – 6 of 11

Illinois – 20 of 26

Indiana – 7 of 8



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Dianne Feinstein has been U.S. senator here in California since 1992, and to call her opponent token would be a serious overstatement. So I don't think ed reformers get credit for her victory. Similar story with U.S. Rep. George Miller.

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