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Morning Reading: New Yorker Profiles Ravitch

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 8.42.59 AMThe long-awaited (and -dreaded) Ravitch profile is out in the new New Yorker.

Called Public Defender, features this somber picture of Ravitch.

One interesting line from the article jumps out:

Ravitch says that she still receives letters from teachers who can’t forgive her for her past reform advocacy:

“I feel I have to make up for the damage I’ve done.”

Ravitch's role in creating the reform movement, and her subsequent reversal, has long been an issue and a concern for me (see Ravitch's Stunning Certainty).

This is the first time I've seen or heard her say something this simple and apologetic.


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As someone who knows and admires Dr. Ravitch and clearly sees her through a different lens, I have absolutely heard her make that point over and over again.

Nicely put Alexander.

Maintaining a healthy skepticism is indeed challenging, but it's hard to believe that the 'truth', to the extent it does exist, is not a synthesis of these opposing views.

And of course Diane Ravitch is not alone in the "often wrong, but never in doubt" club. There's Michelle Rhee, and a host of pundits in Washington who quickly come to mind.

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