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Media: Two Local Ed News Sites Join Forces

After long-running discussions and an elaborate planning process, two education news nonprofits -- Denver-based EdNewsColorado and NYC-based GothamSchools -- are joining forces to create the Education News Network and are looking to staff up and (eventually) expand to other school districts around the country.  "Over time, ENN will grow to include more local news bureaus like EdNews Colorado and GothamSchools," states the job announcement email below, "which will work together to sustain their operations and keep the quality of their journalism high."

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 3.19.17 PM
The idea behind the merger is to lower costs and make themselves more attractive to funders and advertisers.  Both sites feature paid journalists doing highly-focused original reporting, and GothamSchools has a jobs board that seems lively.  I think I recall being told that cities like Memphis, Houston, and Omaha are among those being considered, though don't hold me to that.  At one point earlier in the process, Chicago-based Catalyst and Philadelphia-based The Notebook were involved in the merger discussions.  

I like the sites and know some of the folks involved in producing them, though -- no big surprise -- it's my belief that commentary and analysis are key ingredients to keeping readers informed and engaged. 


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I'd say that all four sites are absolutely brilliant.

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