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Five Best Blogs: What're You Looking At?

image from cdn.theatlanticwire.com

Progressives: The Biggest Winners of State Ballot Measures ow.ly/fegrE  [Just keep telling yourselves that] 

Labor taken for granted: It's not so hard to get union support. ow.ly/fegfc 

How Much Time Do Teachers and Students Spend on Standardized Tests? | Education on GOOD ow.ly/feghi 

Amanda Ripley : Blog : The Case for (Serious) Testing http://ow.ly/feuMH #5bb

Some e-Readers allow teachers to monitor student time spent reading, er, viewing, er with the thing turned onow.ly/fegG1 

50CAN's only endorsed RI challenger was someone who lost her seat in 2010, notes @shankerblog http://ow.ly/feuDp


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