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Cartoons: Public School Job Preparadness


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I feel that some public schools don't prepare students for college or jobs. Some schools don’t teach students how to speak at an interview or how to fill out a resume. Lots of students don't end up having their first job until they graduate from college. This happens because some teachers feel that it isn’t their job to teach beyond high school education, which isn’t fair.

I am a product of the public schools, and they do not prepare you for college. Its sad to say but when I was in school there was alot of cheating going on when it came to standardized testing. Teachers received a bonus if their scores where high, therefore they would go around the room while we were testing and point out the right answers. And now having my own children in the public schools, they have made such a big deal about the standardized test. I feel teachers are forced to teach the test instead of teaching.

Simply put, public schools are good for people who are goo at taking what they've been told and being tested to see if was retained.. and that isn't likely to help students survive anytime after grade school. And although there are negative outcomes from public schooling, it still is a form of education.

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