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Campaign 2012: CA Democratic Party Attacks Pro-Reform Democrat

Last week I told you about the substantive differences between pro-reform Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom and pro-teacher Betsy Butler (Showdown In Santa Monica). Over the weekend, I found out that it wasn't just the teachers unions fighting to protect Butler, the incumbent.  The California Democratic Party joined in paying for negative flyers against Bloom.    Yep, the California Democrats, who are closely allied with the teachers unions. 

2012-11-09_1729Endorsements between Democratic candidates are pretty common.  We know from recent news accounts that teachers unions sometimes fund anti-charter candidates even if they're Tea Party Republicans.  Still, this kind of friendly fire isn't common, according to FireDogLake writer David Dayen, who has been carefully following these races:  “As far as I know, the negative attacks against non-endorsed Democrats didn’t happen beyond the Bloom-Butler race.” Read all about it here: Dems. Joined Attack On Bloom

I've asked StudentsFirst and DFER whether they were involved in helping Bloom fend off Butler, and asked CalDems whether there were other examples where they felt it necessary to go beyond endorsing one candidate over another.   


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Gloria Romero, head of California Democrats for Education Reform and the former Democratic state legislator who sponsored the original parent trigger legislation, was a top spokesperson for the Koch brothers-funded Prop. 32, the unsuccessful California ballot initiative that would have banned union contributions to political campaigns. So that was another situation that turned the traditional party dynamic on its head.

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