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Campagin 2012: Showdown In Santa Monica

Perhaps the most interesting education-related race you haven't already read about is the one between California Assemblywoman Betsy Butler and former Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom over the right to represent a ritzy West Side district. The race has centered on Butler's refusal to vote for a bill that would make it easier (too easy?) to dismiss teachers accused of sexual molestation, which has been a big issue recently in Los Angeles.

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Butler and three other state legislators on the House education committee refused to vote, killing a bill that had already passed the Senate. CNN's Anderson Cooper covered the situation by sending a reporter to hunt down the nonvoters and ask them why they'd blocked the legislation (Lawmakers Won’t Comment On Sex Abuse Vote), a story that Butler said was planted by critics at the school district who wanted to embarrass her. According to the LA Weekly, Bloom raised roughly half a million dollars compared to Butler's $1.3 million. According to LA School Report, Opportunity PAC, a group affiliated with labor spent  $360,000 in late October and early November to help get Butler elected.  As of this morning, the vote is too close to call.


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Servant and three other state law makers on the House education panel rejected to elect, eliminating a bill that had already passed the Us senate.

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