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Weekend Reading: Scary Stories From Weekly Mags & Sites

ScreenHunter_09 Oct. 24 10.02Will GA voters create a $430 million charter-school commission? ow.ly/eDdzg TAP @RaRapoport

Governor Patrick on Massachusetts Top Spot in Education (Audio) @BloombergEDU bit.ly/RMYoTT

How the national media "maligned" the Chicago teachers strike In These Times ow.ly/eDcGq

A sad attack on Advanced Placement: Nearly all of us are experts about something...  bit.ly/ScJQhb

Can an Online [Teaching] Degree Really Help You Get a [Teaching] Job? TIME ow.ly/eDYpM

Creating a "Democracy Index" and other ideas for promoting local decisionmaking - Boston Glob eow.ly/eDd61

Critique of Katherine Boo & others who write abt poverty w/o economic/political analysis TimesLitSupp ow.ly/eDcm2

Feature about Best Busy includes useful lessons about adaptation in large organizations ow.ly/eDdNF

Direct democracy - once a progressive reform - has been hijacked by wealthy conservatives ow.ly/eDdCO

Boys hitting puberty sooner according to new studyow.ly/eDYZH #thisweekined Researchers blame high-stakes testing.

You can follow my weekend reading recommendations via the #thisweekined hashtag on Twitter if you want to catch them all / in real time.


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