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Thompson: Busywork & Toxic Society Are Exhausting Teachers

Stressed-teacher-460x276-150x150In "The Exhaustion of the American Teacher," at The Educator's Room, Texas superintendent John Kuhn writes:  

Truth is, the problem with the American student is the American adult. Deadbeat dads, pushover moms, vulgar celebrities, self-interested politicians, depraved ministers, tax-sheltering CEOs, steroid-injecting athletes, benefit-collecting retirees who vote down school taxes, and yes, incompetent teachers—all take their turns conspiring to neglect the needs of the young in favor of the wants of the old.

Kuhn is right and, above all, teachers are tired.  I would only add one point.  The place where "reform" meets the classroom is the mounds of consultant-driven, meaningless paperwork dumped on us in the name of "teacher quality."  Hat tip to Diane Ravitch.-JT(@drjohnthompson) Image via.


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