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Reform: Hey, Let's Use Klout Scores

image from www.newyorker.com

There's a UNC professor who's grading kids in part (20 percent!) on their Klout scores, a flawed but popular measure of social media popularity.  

It's not the first time this has been tried -- and not necessarily worked (No One Is Getting an A in This Klout College Class, Atlantic).  

I think that elementary and secondary teachers should do this -- maybe with Twitter followers or Facebook friends.  But only with a portion of students' grades.  And then maybe administrators should use Klout or other social measures as part of a teacher's evaluation or for merit pay.  What do you think?

All this is just an excuse to run this October 1 New Yorker cartoon: "I'm sorry, Paige, but grades are based on the quality of the writing, not on your Klout score."

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Response: "Well you suck. I am cooler than you ANYWAYS. I have a 55, that means people LIKE me, no one likes you, cause you're OLD"

At least thats the way it went down in my head...

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