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Quotes: "A Magical Drawer Of Effective Teachers"

Quotes2There’s a lot of rhetoric in ed-reform now that says if you just cut the teachers you can open up a magical drawer of effective teachers, pull them out and stick them in. I have not been able to find that magic drawer. –Roland Fryer, Professor of Economics, Harvard University, at a recent Hamilton Project conference.

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So.... we must find a way to work with the existing schools, principals and teachers. A way to get them from here to there. Providing the theoretical concepts like "data based decision making" and "individualized instruction" does not help them chart a course. The expanse is wide and requires a process that scaffolds change.

Perhaps the magic drawer is where the effective people managers are hiding...those who face their entire faculty as a team and motivate them through personalized professional planning and evaluation. Maybe even a few seasoned veterans who can find mutual respect with same in education...not just seeking replacements for tattered former heroes.

The educational institution is one of those profession in which the majority of the training takes place on the job. The teacher might have been very effective in teaching practicum, however, it's a different ball game when the teacher is given the tremendous responsibility of managing students in many different areas without support, the time for reflection, and professional growth. What are some of the systems in place in the school districts that support the teacher when they become exhausted? Kathleen gave a few insights about how teachers could be supported to deter burnout, and keep them motivated. The burden of the teacher is heavy and school districts may need to examine the approach taken to support the teacher rather than criticize their best efforts. I am not aware of the approach taken to provide the teacher without continued support by the school districts, however, I believe this is an area that may need to revisit their efforts to supporting teachers in the profession.

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