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People: Race To The Top Guru Leaves USDE

Earlier this week, image from m4.licdn.comMike Dannenberg has left the USDE for a job at the Education Trust. 

Matt Gandal (right) has left the USDE for a job at Education Strategy Group.

Gandal was at Achieve for a long time, and before that the AFT.   More recently, he was heading the USDE's Race To The Top implementation group.  

No word yet on how the Department is going to handle that key activity going forward.  Amanda Whalen?  Maybe it's already happened, or they're waiting until after the election.



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Matt Gandal left USDE in the late spring. He headed up the Implementation and Support Unit's Technical Assistance, the Reform Support Network. The ISU's Director of Policy and Program, Ann Whalen, has been leading both the TA and program side since.

anyways lots of thanks!!!!!!!!!

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