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People: An Ambivalent TFA Reformer In Los Angeles

image from laschoolreport.comOne of the most interesting characters in the LA education scene is Steve Zimmer (pictured), a TFA alum and career teacher who left his classroom to try and be a "bridge" member on the LAUSD board of education, which is still elected.  

One of the reasons you hardly ever hear about Zimmer from TFA and others is that, once elected to the board, Zimmer found himself siding with reform critics (and UTLA) as much or more than with the reform community led by Monica Garcia and the voting bloc that brought in John Deasy but could lose its slim majority in March.  (He recently proposed an increase in charter school oversight, for example, and a moratorium on new charters.)

Hillel Aron, the reporter for LA School Report, has been doing a series of interviews with board members (and flagging potential candidates for the March elections).  I thought this one, with Zimmer, was particularly interesting in the way it captures just how difficult it is to be an educator who wants change.  As it plays out in LA, basically, everyone ends up hating you and running candidates against you.

Here's the interview:  Alienating Both Sides.  Here's a preview of candidates who may run against Zimmer, including Children Now's Kate Anderson: Possible Board Candidates: District 4.Here's a look at the $5 million in independent expenditures that unions and reformers have spent on the last two LAUSD races: Dark Money Dominates.

Are there other career educators, TFA or otherwise, who've tried to be for reform but then struggled with the methods and priorities?  The only other two I can think of are Gary Rubinstine and Seth Lavin.


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How about Dr. Camika Royal and also Liz Dwyer from Good Magazine? Also, my last name is spelled Rubinstein -- Gary

We won't be ending any of this devastating education reform soon unless parents, teachers, students and concerned citizens investigate the issues deeply and see what's at stake. Here is a wonderful essay that gives a more detailed examination. It's long, but with 2100 reads so far in 12 days alone, there's something too it. http://www.scribd.com/doc/106337306/THE-CHICAGO-PUBLIC-SCHOOLS-ALLERGIC-TO-ACTIVISM

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