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Media: Hurricane Duty For Education Reporters*

If you're not seeing as much education coverage as usual today and tomorrow, blame Hurricane Sandy for causing editors to pull their education reporters off the beat to do weather duty.

image from venturebeat.files.wordpress.com

USA Today's Greg Toppo is out there in Atlantic City.  The Stamford Advocate's Maggie Gordon reports that she and the rest of the reporting team are "all hands on deck" to cover the weather -- not necessarily such a bad thing given that so many local districts have closed school.  The Connecticut Post's Linda Lambeck has merged education and storm coverage, reporting on students at one college taking in students from another college.  Zachary Reid from the Richmond Times Dispatch spent time on Monday at the docks and is headed to the shelters on Tuesday.

*UPDATED:  Twitter friends Ken Libby, Amy Schultz, Sara Mead, Michael Zinshteyn, and others report that the Wall Street Journal's Lisa Fleisher has been doing storm duty, as has the Huffington Post's Joy Resmovits.  


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Ed Reporters have a wealth of experience to draw on to handle Hurricane Sandy...Daily they deal with the FrankenStorm of Corporate Ed Reform...

If they report on this storm like they do on education, the Head/Sub Head will be:

Massive Storm hits East Coast
States' data systems receive huge influx of information for Storm Avoidance PLCs next month

How are you Alexander, in NYC???

Thanks for the mention. I suddenly feel famous! (first time I have come up for air since the storm hit)

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