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Five Best Blogs: This Blog Post Has No Title


The Movie Teachers' Unions Hate, but Everyone Else Should Appreciate - Chris Feliciano Arnold - The Atlantic ow.ly/e8eGY 

Principal to student: "I hope you're not going to let this IPO affect your grades." ow.ly/e8cre

"Evidence of widespread cheating is now emerging in Philadelphia, Columbus, Ohio, El Paso..." ow.ly/e8jPw is that correct?

PIE conference bubbles with ideas to improve schools | MinnPost ow.ly/e8eN0

Cartoon: New excuses "The cloud ate my homework" The New Yorker ow.ly/e8cbV 

Why Do America’s [Classroom Teachers] Feel Victimized by Obama? : The New Yorker ow.ly/e8bZO 

 Paul Tough Is Way Off-Base. And Stop Saying "Grit". wp.me/pJX8i-1us 



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The Atlantic review of "Won't Back Down" rings true in its defence of the realistic portrayal of a depressed urban school's faculty, an aspect of the movie I responded very powerfully to although I admit that few others are likely to do so unless they have lived through such experiences.

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