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Five Best Blogs: Teachers, Unions, Race To The Top

20121029-Union-Strength-Full-Report-1 (1)

Fordham/ERN union report generates heated oppo despite complicated mix of findings @TeacherBeatow.ly/eVhzw

The Hill names NEA's Dennis Van Roekel among its Top Lobbyists in Washington ow.ly/eUCKm @NEAMedia

In Ohio, Teachers Run For Statehouse — And Could Give Obama A Boost NPR @StateImpactOH ow.ly/eVhpp

HuffPostLA editorial slams UTLA and CTA for resistance to federal funds tied to performance evaluations ow.ly/eUX4t

Recently-resigned Chicago superintendent Jean Claude Brizard warns against too much focus on teacher effectiveness ow.ly/eUU98

It's the distribution of qualified STEM teachers that's the issue, not the number, says WPost's @ChuckLane1   ow.ly/eUEAe

Apprentice program to train new Seattle teachers | Education | The Seattle Times ow.ly/eUCCA via @AnnenbergInst

The Benefits of Practice WSJ ow.ly/eUCkZ Doug Lemov via @robertpondiscio @anniemurphypaul


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Reading Doug Lemov's piece on practice against the story of the resistance to test score-based teacher appraisal in Los Angeles suggests important (and for me disquieting) differences between older and younger teachers that have been becoming apparent here and there across the nation: the younger, some of whom treat Lemov's book as a bible (according to Gaspar Caperton and Richard Whitmire in "The Achievable Dream"), are far more amenable to emphasizing bottom-line results and and are comparatively open to relatively simple, mechanistic processes to reach those results, while the older are distrustful of this more business-oriented approach and value instead complexity, creativity, and critical thinking.

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