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Five Best Blogs: States Race To The Bottom Via Duncan Waivers

0800-brain-age-dudeStates struggling to lower standards without getting accused of well, lowering standards ow.ly/eu3QA @PoliticsK12

The economic value of effective supervisors & the surprising ways they make workers more effective - Slate ow.ly/etYh4 

Proposition 32 Divides California's Education Reformers ow.ly/euLG6

Moving beyond our vacuous education reform discussions | Reihan Salam ow.ly/eu2fb 

A Premortem for Professional Development (Part 2)ow.ly/euKPu @breakthecurve

Want to Ruin Teaching? Give Ratings nyti.ms/PxsCym via @Larryferlazzo

From Jay Mathews: Reforming a nation of bad note-takers: I have never learned how to take lecture notes. bit.ly/W99Fnq


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