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Five Best Blogs: San Diego Could Go As Low As 161 Days

San Diego might get down to 161 days of school if Prop 30 doesn't pass -- the shortest year in the world says VOSD ow.ly/ewKG5


Tennessee Withholds Funds Over Charter-School Fight ow.ly/1OZMEL

DFER slate of candidates for state, local, and federal spots -- don't see any surprises what about you?ow.ly/ew7Xx 

Hawaii Teachers Halt Labor Negotiations, Escalating Conflict ow.ly/ewKb0 @stateline

Why didn't @MichaelPetrilli *try* a DCPS kindergarten before moving to the burbs, asks TuttleSVC's Tom Hoffman? ow.ly/ewL1W 

What about addressing adult bullying at work and elsewhere? New PSA via @CNNSchools  ow.ly/ewLm6

Why merit aid backfired in Massachusetts. - Slate Magazine ow.ly/ewGbR


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