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Five Best Blogs: Online Charters Dinged For Quality & Cost


Up 30 pct since last year, online charters face quality & cost backlash ME NJ NC PA TN FL http://ow.ly/ebDyU  @SSimonReuters

US Chamber and National PTA coalition urge Duncan to me more careful with NCLB waivers, notes SI&A Cabinet Report ow.ly/ec0o8

Reform-backed CT candidate wins recount primary thanks to late $$ from reform group http://Courant.com  http://ow.ly/ebWhB  

Wilingham & Ferlazzo debate whether online nastiness is a function of psychology or strategy (or, probably, both) http://ow.ly/ebEHA 

When Curious Parents See Math Grades in Real Time - WSJ.com ow.ly/eco90 

Teach Plus: Charter or District? Whatever Works ow.ly/ecb9h

How Teachers Can Avoid "SHOCKTOBER" NPR http://ow.ly/ebKWO @roxannaelden 


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The WSJ Story about math grades was ridiculously frustrating for me to read. The parents are insanely over-parenting and its being painted as somehow connected to the grade reporting system. Yes the grading system gives them the greater ability to be terrible helicopter parents, but it didn't make them that way and it's THEIR fault that they are behaving this way, not the systems.

My Mom has grade reporting on my brother (Freshman in HS) and she doesn't stalk him and get all hyper controlling about it. It's just another tool.

Re both the U.S. chamber and WSJ stories, each in a different way expressing the demands of information consumers on information providers: in this information age, with the glut of information potentially available and the incessant demands of the general public for accountability from managers and teachers, what are we doing as a civilization to prevent the resulting stress in education from byting little bits off us until we are driven into a new pouch of Dante's Inferno? Really, how can any of us be satisfied with such a system? And what ever happened to the simple joys of sharing a good book with a new generation of readers, which many of us found attractive so long ago, before the business community forced their computers and management information systems upon us in an effort to make sure that the inflow of money would be unending?

It has a good is the quality of the final product, and Cheap refers to the total cost of designing.

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