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Five Best Blogs: Here Comes Hurricane Sandy


Michelle Rhee's Group Wades Into Michigan Union Fight @HuffPostEdu #5bb huff.to/P682UE

Hate Group Bullies School Board Into Rescinding Basic Rights for Transgender Students ow.ly/eKqZu

The tenacity of school segregation | Bleaderow.ly/eLPwr #5bb

From Jay Mathews: Readers’ cures for bad teaching of writing: The teaching of writing is one of the great weakne... bit.ly/QZmbzb

Bootleg portion of ESPN documentary about slain Chicago HS b-ball star Benji Wilson ow.ly/eLP7t

"Bunker schools" for Syrian kids Pictures following the bombing of six schools CBS News ow.ly/eL8cq

MT @MandyZatynski: “They’re like 5-year-olds fighting over a toy, except the toy is America.”



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