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Five Best Blogs: Don't Forget Implementation, Reformers!

Tumblr_lt50v1OBql1qinh1vo1_500 Fordham's @MichaelPetrilli reports out from Minneapolis on implementation and next effortsow.ly/efJe1 #5bb @PIEnetwork

It  happens to everybody: AEI critiques @Joy_Resmovits @HuffPostEdu funding story & gets correction #5bb ow.ly/egaEx

Reassigned teacher live-streams his tedium in a “rubber room” NYPOST.com ow.ly/efYpy

Report showing Harlem district schools transfers comparable to charter prompts intense finger-pointingow.ly/efDv4 #5bb

Education a top tweet topic in first debate ow.ly/egawj #5bb USAT via @sbanchero

CAP reviews Fordham book on elite schools, raises excellence and equity questions ow.ly/efJye #5bb@EdProgress

Unions still playing a big, if different, role in elections -latimes.com ow.ly/efvGQ #5bb


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Re the Fordham book on elite schools: I have tried to open, in Los Angeles, a charter school that could morph through time, through possible student attrition, into a magnet school by replacing departing students with those admitted by examination: good luck opening such a school in Los Angeles! There the emphasis is all on the masses of students, whether here legally or not, newly arrived and now well represented in the leadership of the city and the school district. That the district should take care of the students currently enrolled is understandable and commendable; but it doesn't represent taxpayers residing within district limits who have given up on L.A. Unified because the district does not appear to be interested in the futures of those residents' children.

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