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Five Best Blogs: Better Late Than Never, Right?

Hey, reform critics -- your sworn enemy has proposed $30B in teacher hiring http://ow.ly/epshc  What do you think about that?

NYT opinion piece takes issue with Arne Duncan's declaration of war on paper books http://ow.ly/eoAGU 

Sherman Dorn spies some notable absences and weak spots in the @pienetwork policy agenda  @shermandorn  http://ow.ly/eps64 

"It’s become increasingly obvious that charters have hit a wall," says Fordham's  @kportermagee  http://ow.ly/eprfx 

Unions spend $$ on lobbying/campaign funding but @aftunion didn't offer strike pay to  @ctulocal1 http://ow.ly/eoMAD  @modschool

Teachers' small role explaining achievement is immaterial given better teachers' large marginal impact http://ow.ly/epwZL , sez @nctq

"Why are we educators having so much trouble mobilizing our voice in ways that are effective?" Dangerously Irrelevant http://ow.ly/eptzt 

The case for busing doesn't stand much chance in the current political / economic climate - Atlantic Cities http://ow.ly/eoFWN 

JHU's @robertslavin on the need for better programs to go along with better teachers - in  @educationnation  http://ow.ly/eozIF  

The delight of students, and the scourge of teachers and parents: Flamin' Hot Cheetos  http://ow.ly/epsQl  via @lindalutton


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