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Events: Fashion Notes From The Broad Event

By now you know that Miami-Dade won the Broad prize this year, but you may not have heard or read what it was like at the event itself. I guess the first word that comes to mind is fancy -- fancy part of town (53rd Street), fancy location (Museum of Modern Art), and lots of fancy people (Bloomberg, Pelosi, Duncan, etc.) wearing dark suits with a smattering of Christmas red for the women.  

ScreenHunter_15 Oct. 24 15.20
There were lots of familiar faces (Tom Payzant, Joel Derrick Walcott, Jon Schnur, etc.) plus a handful of hungry velociraptors. Justin Hamilton was Duncan's body man, hustling him out of the room once the event was over.  Pelosi was wearing a really nice brown wool jacket, and there were a few dapper gents with pocket squares, but the fashion highlight for me was the outfit worn by Bart Anderson, from Ohio -- pictured above with a fashionably short jacket, open collared shirt, and lovely two-tone loafers.  


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