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Campaign 2012: DFER Candidate Slate Looks Pretty Mainstream

IL-10_congressional_districtReform critics like to make a big deal out of how scary and right-wing reform advocates' work is, but this slate of candidates from DFER seems pretty uncontroversial and mainstream to me, based on a cursory review. There are some candidates for Congress, for state legislature, and local school board. All Democrats, obv.  Perhaps they ran again other Dems in a primary -- it happens.  Perhaps they're pro-charter, or pro-Race To The Top.  Then again, so is the the pro-government occupant of the White House.  In any case, if there's anyone controversial on the DFER list, let us know.  I'll ask Stand and 50CAN and StudentsFirst and others for their candidate lists and see what they have to say as well -- we can compare them to the DNC lists, and the Green Party's too, if there is such a thing any more. 


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