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Campaign 2012: Debate Question Predictions

What (if anything) do you think the moderators will ask Romney and Obama about education on Wednesday -- or will the candidates bring up themselves?  

image from images.politico.comMy guesses are here -- yours in comments or Twitter.

1 -- Parent Trigger

2 -- Chicago strike

3 -- Common Core / too much central control over standards and assessment

Given the moderators don't know education or have it at the top of their priority lists, it's usually something very general, very newsy -- very easily answered in vague terms.  


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I'm going with school choice, teacher evaluations, and merit pay.

Now that a surprising number of movie reviewers have stated that the real-life parent trigger is a flop so far -- and that Won't Back Down was a major embarrassment at the box office and in review-land -- I have a feeling the parent trigger is on the way to the scrap heap of failed onetime miracles, like Edison Schools. Time for the next miracle.

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