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AM News: They're Juking The Stats In El Paso (Allegedly)

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El Paso Rattled by Scandal of ‘Disappeared’ Students NYT: Administrators are accused of keeping low-performing students out of classrooms at test time to bolster schools’ scores.

Dear Teacher, Johnny Isn’t Sick. He’s Just Boycotting the Test. NYT: Some parents have banded together to show their displeasure with the emphasis on standardized exams in New York City schools by having their children boycott field tests.

Schools dilemma for gentrifiers: Keep their kids urban, or move to suburbia? Washington Post: In the end, Petrilli moved from his Takoma Park neighborhood school — diverse Piney Branch Elementary, which is 33 percent low-income — to Wood Acres Elementary in Bethesda, where 1 percent of the children are low-income, 2 percent are black and 5 percent are Hispanic.

Alonso calls report done by school consultant 'objective' Baltimore Sun: Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso sent an email to the community this week promoting an "objective, third-party analysis" of his student funding model. But The Baltimore Sun found that the company that did the report helped him implement that program.

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