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AM News: Romney Attacks Obama For $30B Teacher Hiring Proposal

Romney Criticizes Obama For Proposing Money To Hire Teachers HuffPostEdu: Romney's belief that state and local governments should decide whether or not to hire teachers has remained consistent. During both the debate and his interview with the Register, he voiced his opposition toward the Obama administration's proposal to send $30 billion in federal dollars to states for the explicit purpose of teacher retention and hiring. 


On Education, U.S. Doesn't Match Rhetoric With Action, Report Says EdWeek: The report, by the organizations Save the Children and First Focus, is the first in what may be an annual series of evaluations. The U.S. Senate commissioned a report card series in 2010 after a subcommittee chaired by former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) launched an investigation into the recession's impact on youth and academic performance.

Justices Weigh Race as Factor at Universities NYT: “What is the critical mass of African-Americans and Hispanics at the university that you are working toward?” Chief Justice Roberts asked a lawyer for the University of Texas at Austin. The chief justice never received a specific answer from the university’s lawyer or from one representing the federal government.

What Do Third-Party Candidates Think About K-12? PoliticsK12: Not a fan of either President Barack Obama or GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney? There are more than a dozen other options, according to Politics1, a very smart political website. Of course, third-party candidates are nothing new. But do any of them have anything interesting to say on education?

The UFT proves a point NYPost: The charter saw a mere eight of its 82 eighth-graders pass the state reading test this year, one of the worst rates of any city charter. Just 28 percent passed math. Last week, the city Department of Education gave the school an “F” in “progress” and a “D” in “performance.” 


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