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AM News: "Ability" Tracking Mucks Up Teacher Evaluations

Research on 'Value Added' Highlights Tracking Problems TeacherBeat: Failing to account for how students are sorted into more- or less-rigorous classes—as well as the effect different tracks have on student learning—can lead to biased "value added" estimates of middle and high school teachers' ability to boost their students' standardized-test scores, the papers conclude.

AMNewsWith time running out, teachers push pro-Obama message in swing states HechingerReport: In the swing states of Ohio and Florida, it’s crunch time for teachers unions, which in the final days of the campaign are getting out the vote for President Obama in droves — even though they disapprove of some of his policies.

Obama Has Touted SIG Data, So Where Is it? PoliticsK12: In the last two debates, President Barack Obama has told the nation that one of his biggest accomplishments on K-12 is helping to spur turnarounds at hundreds of underperforming schools around the country."We've seen progress and gains in schools that were having a terrible time. And they're starting to finally make progress," Obama said during the third presidential debate in Florida, earlier this week.

Adaptive Testing Evolves to Assess Common-Core Skills EdWeek: When Delaware switched to computer-adaptive testing for its state assessments three years ago, officials found the results were available more quickly, the amount of time students spent taking tests decreased, and the tests provided more reliable information about what students knew—especially those at the very low and high ends of the spectrum.

Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst Group Weighs In On Michigan's Proposal 2 HuffingtonPostEdu: Now, the political action committee of StudentsFirst is pumping $500,000 into a campaign against Michigan's Proposal 2, a ballot measure that would protect collective bargaining by enshrining it in the state's constitution.


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